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SFC - ACVD article du mois d'août 2020

ACVD - Article du mois [Septembre 2020]

Karine Warin Fresse, Marc Antoine Isorni, Jean Nicolas Dacher, François Pontana, Guillaume Gorincour, Nathalie Boddaert, Alexis Jacquier, Francesca Raimondi

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This paper aims to provide a paediatric cardiac computed tomography angiography expert panel consensus based on the opinions of experts from the Société française d’imagerie cardiaque et vasculaire diagnostique et interventionnelle (SFICV) and the Filiale de cardiologie pédiatrique congénitale (FCPC). This expert panel consensus includes recommendations for indications, patient preparation, computed tomography angiography radiation dose reduction techniques and postprocessing techniques. We think that to realize its full potential and to avoid pitfalls, cardiac computed tomography angiography in children with congenital heart disease requires training and experience. Moreover, paediatric cardiac computed tomography angiography protocols should be standardized to acquire optimal images in this population with the lowest radiation dose possible, to prevent unnecessary radiation exposure. We also provide a suggested structured report and a list of acquisition protocols and technical parameters in relation to specific vendors.

Keywords : Cardiac computed tomography scan, Congenital heart disease, Radiation dose, Acquisition protocols

Abbreviations : CCTA, CHD, CT, MAPCAs, MRI, TTE

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